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Cabinet Office - Civil Contingencies Secretariat

Out Of A Clear Blue Sky

Useful Links

Knowledge Centre

The Knowledge Centre is an collaborative development with Civil Contingencies Secretariat to establish a comprehensive collection of on-line resources for resilience professionals, and those with allied interests.

Note that comprehensive does not mean exhaustive, but we hope this facility will be useful to professionals working in resilience. Click here for an overview of the sections.

We would also welcome your feedback.  

There are six main elements:

A collection of statutory guidance, good practice, case studies, research papers, think pieces and more

Document Hub

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Home to the UK's largest collection of emergency planning information

Library & Learning Resources

Resources from the EPC's free outreach programme.

The Public Programme

The journal of the Emergency Planning Society published by the Emergency Planning College

Emergency Management Review e-Journal

A secure web-based browser tool to enable multi purpose working and communication between subscribing emergency responders

Resilience Direct

Communities Prepared